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The TRUTH About How To Protect Your "Happily Ever After" And Remain Attractive To Your Partner...Even If This Is Your First Child!
"How Every New Parent Can Enjoy A Healthy Relationship Before And After The Baby Comes"
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Do You Feel Exhausted?

Unlock Ways To Relax More, Enjoy Genuine Photo-Worthy Moments And Celebrate The Magic Of Parenthood.

How To Feel Even More Love And Protect Your "Happily Ever After"

Proven Business Techniques for Thriving So You Can Protect Your Relationship And Happiness

The TRUTH About How To Avoid Drifting Apart & Losing Intimacy

Like More Than 50% Of Marriages Do


Powerful Meditation Music To Get More Refreshing Rest And Better Handle Parenting
Do you feel like you are EXHAUSTED...
and have no ENERGY to work on your relationship?
Welcome to Parenthood.
Take a break and learn effective techniques for parenting a child...while still maintaining your relationship with your partner.  These methods are taken from 20 years of business success to be applied to help your "Happily Ever After".

You deserve to be happy. No one gets in a relationship wanting to be a "single parent". This program is full of simple methods to keep your relationship growing stronger every day, especially through the Baby Cries and Toddler Tantrums!
Do You Feel Overworked?
Even if you have help, do you never feel fully rested? We get it.
We love our children more than anything...but they sap our energy. How do we save ourselves without feeling guilty?

We have been there too. Learn effective methods we have uncovered from the best in the industry to improve your confidence, your parenting and your partnerships.

Whether this is your first or fifth child, there are constant challenges. Learn techniques we have uncovered to help your baby sleep better, to help you get more satisfying rest, and to help save your relationship!

ARE YOU LOSING YOUR COOL FACTOR WITH YOUR KIDS? Try these techniques to keep your Cool or get it back.
We Have Found A Way To Keep The Relationship Strong While Raising Happy Children...
Don't become another divorce statistic (even if this is isn't your first marriage)

Join Us On This Challenging Journey With These Proven Business Strategies for Happiness.

We are here to help you relax more, enjoy more genuine photo-worthy moments and celebrate the magic of parenthood more.
We Were In Your Shoes
You are so excited to finally have a baby, then the bundle of joy finally arrived...then life became exhausting and your partnership's intimacy practically (if not totally) disappeared. 
Don't worry, you are NOT ALONE.

We read countless books, took many classes and downloaded almost every app. Each one had a snippet that was useful but it took so much time to find those nuggets. We consolidated it for you to make it EASY FOR YOU.

We travelled around the world gathering parenting blessings, tips and tools from all over including Thailand, Japan, China, Bali, America, Australia and all over Europe. 

We talked to doctors, therapists, family lawyers, friends, moms, dads and relationship experts.

But none of them alone could bring back the spark.

Then, we noticed, some of the tools when combined could help us get the baby to sleep faster, give us a chance to snuggle as a couple, and take a mental break from the worry of parenthood.
Angela DiCarlo, MBA, MOM
Never one to stop learning, reading and asking questions, Angela became obsessed with discovering how to save a marriage after baby.  

So many of her close friends were now Single Moms or looked like they were headed that way.  None of them had that planned on their wedding day. What was causing this condition to happen so often? The question plagued her so the research began.

With her Master's degree in Business Administration, she took her BUSINESS skills and applied them to RELATIONSHIPS. People were not planning their relationships...beyond the wedding or maybe a chat about children. She could not believe it. Very few had a plan for their lives. This had to change.

She dove in and started writing techniques with her business aptitude to plan and grow relationships. Now that program is available to you and families - new and old, to kindle and rekindle their relationships with a plan.  

"Those who fail to plan, plan to fail." Make a plan and have your relationship succeed.  Or at least salvage the shared parenting to a happier level.  Dive in.
Imagine What Life Would Be Like If You Could REKINDLE THE EXCITEMENT You had When You FELL IN LOVE with Your Partner?
Do you remember the moment that you knew that they were the one you would have a child with.

It was scary, exciting, amazing, frightening, thrilling. It was like every emotion was coming at you all at once.

You visualized your future.

You saw your future children.

You started researching everything about pregnancy, childbirth, and many people starting giving you unwanted advice.

But then, one day, you felt overwhelmed, exhausted, less loved, and/or financially stressed. It may have creeped up slowly, but you felt it.  Something was getting bent out of shape.
But Then You Found Us...
and Hope Started Reappearing.
You are NOT ALONE!
Welcome to Parenthood
No one Said It Was Easy...
But Let's Help make it easier.
Babyproof Your Marriage
Gives you Powerful Action Steps that you can easily apply to your relationship now to make it work better this week. Plus, there are additional plans for finance, time off, work splitting and so much more to give both partners a sense of satisfaction, appreciation, and gratitude for a happier relationship.
Let's Start with the Easiest Part
Babyproof Your Marriage - Happiness Plan
Step-by-Step exercises to get you and your partner (if they want to join in) to build a better life together, to share in responsibilities, to discuss finances (these exercises makes it easier), managing life's other responsibilities, learning to delegate, prioritizing tasks, finance plans and much more to get your mental and physical house in order.  Don't worry: it is made to be easy-to-complete.
Audio For When You Can't Find The TIME
You love learning but you (or your partner) do not have time (or desire) to read. We get it (our partner is a slow reader but loves listening to programs). We have shared techniques, tips, and anecdotes in fun and sometimes silly way to make parenting a little easier. Remember that YOU ARE NOT ALONE on this journey. Listen on your phone, computer or car. Wherever works for you.
Babyproof Your Marriage Computer Audio Book
Powerful Music to Get More Refreshing Rest Time
We found the most rejuvenating meditation music to help you rest deeper to wake up feeling more refreshed in the same amount of time you normally sleep. Maximize the little rest you get to feel more refreshed, calm and happy.
Babyproof Your Marriage Computer Audio Book
Access Programs Anywhere You Are
With children, life has you going everywhere at light speed. Get access to everything you need, anytime with our web-based, phone-friendly, tablet-ready system to help make your family life a little easier. Don't worry, we are here for you.
But wait, while you are here, let us give you some amazing stuff that you cannot find anywhere else...
BONUS: Marriage Plan at Any Stage
Dig deeper into your MARRIAGE PLAN than the majority of couples do. Find more happiness, joy and love for each other. Remember that more than 50% of all marriages fail. MOST couples do not do the work, love exercises and planning it takes to grow a happier marriage. Try this and see how your love life improves. You may laugh more, cry more and enjoy each other more than you thought possible. 
Help Improve The Divorce Statistics
Let's Become Better Role Models
In 2018 in America, almost 50 percent of all marriages in the United States end in divorce or separation. Researchers estimate that:
> 41% of all first marriages ended in divorce.
> 60% of second marriages end in divorce. 
> 73% of third marriages end in divorce.
If nothing else, let's make the relationship we are in work for our children.*
BONUS: Pre-Order Your Book!
Pre-Order Babyproof Your Marriage Book
You get one of the first copies of the Babyproof Your Marriage digital book and audio book. Don't worry, we will be sending you many useful tools right away to get you on track to a happier family starting this week.
No matter where you are right now, live a better life, enjoy parenting more and become a better parenting partner.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If you are not happy with what you have uncovered, let us know.
Become The Amazing Parents That You Can Be...
The Future Is Literally In Your Hands
Children are an amazing blessing.

We have done countless hours of research, analysis and study to help you more easily enjoy this new journey in life.

Remember, you are not in this alone..

Welcome to Parenthood. Let's protect your "Happily Ever After"

- Angela DiCarlo, MBA, MOM
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  •  Peaceful Parent Meditations for Better Rest ($97 Value)
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